insanity workout Web user accuses KGHM of domai

Web user accuses KGHM of domain hijacking

A local web user believes KGHM International hijacked Stop Ajax domain names in order to divert the public from a group opposed to the Ajax insanity workout Mine proposal.

The company, alerted to the misleading domain links, immediately took down the sites and maintains that they were posted in 2011, prior to KGHM’s involvement in the project.

“These actions do not represent KGHM International nor do they represent our respect for our neighbours and friends in the Kamloops community,” the company comm insanity workout ented in response to queries from Tyler Holm.

“These were recently erected because nobody had stumbled upon them up until that point,” he said.

That doesn’t mean they weren’t on the web, only that links hadn’t been posted on the Stop Ajax Facebook page until recently.

“The links took me, sure enough, to the their (KGHM) website, so I asked, ‘What is this? What’s going on?’ It’s domain hijacking.”

Domain hijacking is not uncommon, Holm realizes. Companies and individuals do it to protect their interests, to deceive or simply to stage an underhanded stunt. Several years back, a local Tory backroom organizer working for MP Betty Hinton snapped up the domain name of Michael Crawford, who was a federal New Democrat candidate at the time.

“It actually happens a fair bit,” Holm said. “Resource companies will target the domain name of nonprofit organizations and traffic will go the company page instead. It’s not illegal, but any web designer, for sure, that’s going to get them a bad name pretty quickly.”

KGHM International was not aware of the situation and its web designer would not have taken the liberty of securing web domains, said Robin Bartlett, company spokeswoman.

Responding through its own website comment page, KGHM thanked Holm for insanity workout pointing out the problem.

“We assume the intention, while misguided, was to offer people concerned about the Ajax project at that time with access to more information.”

Holm doesn’t buy the company’s explanation, though. The bogus sites had KGHM Ajax Mining Corp. across th insanity workout e top banner, making the company’s explanation “complete bunk,” he said.

“They’ve been talking about how transparent they want to be and then they go and do something like this. It just seems like another trick they’ve pulled out of the bag.”

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insanity workout Web Tools That Educators Shoul

Web Tools That Educators Should Have in the Bag

Street finds its own uses for things uses the manufacturers never imagined! Gibson

There are hundreds of web tools that have been developed educators in mind. Although it is not possible for us to know and use all of them, there are some tools that we should all have in the bag.

Youtube has always been a great resource for us to use with our students, but it has also many destructive features, ads and comments on one page if you want to share it with your students. Now we have SafeShareTv that can help us to remove inappropriate elements around the page and generate a safe link for our students. It also lets you crop youtube videos and get rid of the unwanted parts from a video.

Adout is another tool that blocks all sort of ads and banners on a website s insanity workout o you can easily share the links with your kids and they can safely surf the net without clicking any inappropri insanity workout ate ads.

Vocaroo is a simple tool to record your voice and share it with others. You don need to download a software or sign in. You simply go to the website, record your voice with a microphone and create your podcast easily.

MultiUrl is a tool to combine links into one short link and share it with others. All the links are editable so you can delete or add new links. You can also see how many times the links have been clicked.

Jing is a tool to take a picture of your screen. It a good alternative to the print screen button on the keyboard. You can decide on the size of your screen shot, upload it to your computer as a jpg or get a link for your picture. You can also make a short video of your screen by recording your voices. Jing is a great tool for creating presentation with your own voice, to show how a website works. Look what we are doing with jing at school here.

It is not always easy to find to re insanity workout ad texts online. With Twurdy, you can now find texts that suit your students readability level. It looks for the number of words on the page, the average number of syllables in each word and the average sentence length. The lighter the colour is, the easier the text is. Also, Twurdy comes from Wordy? it so cool?

Howjsay is a free online dictionary. The words are pre recorded and it is not synt insanity workout hetic. You can also hear multiple entries by separating them with semi colons.

You can spell check a text by simply copying it to the box on Orangoo.

BatLyrics lets you search for song lyrics based on words and phrases with a video. You can watch and listen the video with a teleprompting screen with the lyrics of the song on it. It a great listening material in the classroom.

Tinypic is a free image hosting site where you can upload your pictures and get a link for that to share it with others.

If you want to learn if a text is copied from somewhere or not, here comes plagiarismchecker. Just copy and paste the text and see if the text is original or not. Please double check before you use it with your students.

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