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On a request by some of my friends, I am reposting this self help article which so many found useful. It may be worthwhile to browse through it once again, even if you have read it earlier. May NLP help you lead a better healthy and happy life.

Whenever I undergo any training or course, I try and apply the concepts and skills I learn during the program upon myself in order to ascertain efficacy of the training for I firmly believe in the time tested adage that “The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating”.

I woke up early in the morning, as usual, made a cup of tea, and the moment I took a sip of the piping hot delicious tea, I felt the familiar crave for my first cigarette of the day.

I had identified my first “Smoking Anchor” Tea.

I kept down the tempting cup of tea, made a note of the craving [anchor] in my diary, quickly heated a glass of water in the microwave oven, completed my ablutions, stepped out of my house, and embarked upon my customary morning constitutional brisk walk cum jog deeply rinsing and cleansing my lungs with pure refreshing morning air, which made me feel on top insanity workout of the world.

I felt invigorated and happy. I had overcome my craving and not smoked my first cigarette of the day.

Returning refreshed from my brisk bracing morning walk, I stopped to pick up the newspaper, and spotted my friends ‘N’ and ‘S’ across the road beckoning me for our customary post walk tte tte with tea and cigarettes at our favorite the tea stall.

Here lurked my second “Smoking Anchor” my smoker friends.

I felt tempted, but I steeled my resolve.

I waved out to my smoker friends, turned away and briskly headed home.

They must have thought I’d gone crazy, but it didn’t matter I had avoided my second ciga insanity workout rette of the day.

That’s what I was going to do the entire day. Be aware, look inwards, fully cognizant and mindful in order to ensure that I identify all the stimuli that triggered in me the urge to smoke my “smoking anchors” which could be anything, conscious and unconscious, internal and external, tangible or intangible people, situations, events, feelings, smells, emotions, tendencies, moods, foods, social or organizational trends, practices, norms, peer pressure.

Then I would conquer and triumph over these stimuli, demolish these negative “smoking anchors” and insanity workout establish and reinforce new positive “healthy” non smoking anchors using a Technique called FORCE FIELD ANALYSIS

I’ll tell you more about Force Field Analysis later. You can read about this technique in my blog too:How to Conquer Addictions using Force Field AnalysisAfter insanity workout breakfast, I didn’t drink my usual cup of coffee a strong “smoking anchor” which triggered in me a strong irresistible craving and desperate desire to smoke.

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