insanity workout Web worms bag worms everywhere

Web worms bag worms everywhere

Diane, you neighbor should be removing those nests prior to the caterpillar hatching. They can be pulled down by hand or burned out. Bag worms tent caterpillars are a real nuisance and I still haven’t figured out what their purpose is except to feed the local bird population when they are caterpillars and/or the bat population when they pupate into moths. But, getting rid of the nests that interfere with our quality of living should be done. There are plenty of nests in insanity workout other areas that will feed the local wildlife population.

Permethrin based insecticide will kill them off. Check your local hardware or superstore (such as Walmarts) garden center. Most of the sprays used to kill wasps, hornets, bees, and flying insects contain permethrin and will do the job you need nicely. If the tree with the nests is close to your yard and the nest is reachable, you can douse the nest with one of those sprays that has a long range spray.

As mowerman states, if you use this spray on your fruits, vegetables, herbs,. anything that someone or an animal might eat, wash the edibles very thoroughly.

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My neighbor’s tree is full of web worms, I think they are also called bag worms. These fuzzy little worms, they’re caterpillers really, drop onto my deck and are eating everythi insanity workout ng i insanity workout n sight. They don’t make the web like encasements, but they are killing my potted plants; mandevilla, vinca, mint, petunias even thyme and basil. I can pick them off and more drop down with each breeze . Will anything kill them and still leave my herbs edible?

I heard that aerosol hair spray will gum up their web nests and probably kill them. Soak one or two nests with cheap spray and see what happens.

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