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Web sleuths scour through thousands of photos for clues

There is, however, no official evidence to support that the individuals pictured had anything to do with the devastating twin bombing, which claimed three lives and injured 183 others.Scroll down for videoHowever, it is hard to see how the men identified by the Reddit users fit the description of the suspect leaked to othe insanity workout r media outlets.CNN’s John King said sources told him it was a ‘dark skinned man’ and CBS reported that it was a white man who was wearing a black jacket, a gray hooded sweatshirt insanity workout and a white or off white baseball cap backwards. He is said to be six feet or 6 feet 2 inches tall with a medium build.Investigators have not named any suspects in the bombing, but have revealed that two pressure cooker bombs were stuffed inside black vinyl backpacks or duffel bags when they went off.Using that information and numerous photos mainly from the site of the first blast users have pointed out several people either wearing black backpacks or otherwise individuals who could be thought to be acting strangely before the explosions.The people are circled and their movements are documented by comparing several photographs in a subreddit called ‘FINDBOSTON insanity workout insanity workout ong>BOMBERS.’The person who started the subreddit, who goes by the moniker Oops777, has been identified as a 23 year old professional poker player who lives in Boston, according to reports.The FBI’s Boston office did not return a call from MailOnline for comment.Spotted: One user marks a face the crowd two hours prior to the bombing, and then his reaction afterward, noting that the man, wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, does not appear interested in the race

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