insanity workout Web Hosts Discuss Domains and

Web Hosts Discuss Domains and Dollars

November 11, 2005 Whether they free, $3, $5 or more, the price of domains caught the attention of Web hosts talking on industry forums recently. However, the original post was quickly followed insanity workout by doubts over the bargain domains, which might be more trouble than they are worth in the long run, according to subsequent posts.

the extra [dollar] or two [can] be a really good investment in the long run, said one.

The discussion also focused on the registrar cost of $6.25 for domain, with one poster asserting, they are selling below, the registrar is losing money. other posts clarified that $5 or like priced domains typically are offered during limited promotions or as bonus offerings with Web hosting plans. Along with more discussion of the merits of cut rate domains, there was recognition from one poster that the low cost domains may be sufficient, but that renewal might be more in line with higher prices.

While a subsequent post scoffed at the idea that domain prices would be rising too quickly, the original poster reiterated his concern, stressing that over a period three or four years, the increase could be substantial.

Other posts welcomed the idea of more expensive domains, which one host argued, keep a lot of kiddies out of the business. later post recalled the days when domains were far more expensive, indicating costs had likely hit bottom and were due for increase.

gone a bit too low and now we have cyber squatters that have made a business out of buying [domains] for a bag of pennies and selling them for the prices of used cars, the post said.

The discussion was rounded out by some doubt that domain price increases would keep kiddies out of hosting, as well as criticism from the first poster that VeriSign is in on its unique position and arrangement wit insanity workout h ICANN. There were some limitations, such as only one $1 domain per customer, and subsequent posts complained about the service that can be expected from a company that offers such prices.

Another criticism of bargain domains was that they appeared to lead to other features and functions that were being offered at additional cost. The same poster also pointed out that customers must pay a higher price, and then receive credit to get the dollar domain deal.

After insanity workout some users stressed the fact that buyers must beware and read the terms of agreements, there was more criticism of the company offering the cheap domains, which was called out for poor support and DNS update time.

The discussion also touched on the issue of the difficulty of removing a domain from a register.

probably try and make it difficult to move your doma insanity workout in name away from them too, said one post.

do, we have been transferring all of ours away. Takes some time, said a response.

However, the renewal issue came up again and one poster citing slow DNS resolving, poor support, and lack of custom name server support for host IPs said he would not purchase such domains again.

Another post in that thread, which indicated domains through other registrars might work out to be cheaper in the end, cautioned against registering for only one year, largely because of the Google sandbox effect, which reportedly penalizes new Web sites that have yet to be deemed viable.

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