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As part of the website will contact a contact section I thought I would try and add some coding taken from the internet for a contact section. As usual getting this up and running has proved tricky and very frustrating.

It turns out that you can just add code to the website and insanity workout hey presto its all working! I suspected I would have to tinker with the inner workings of the form and I was r insanity workout ight. As usual the on the websites isn as straight forward as I need which doesn help!

The links insanity workout above are to the contact boxes which had either too many fields or looked like they would produce more work than I am willing to put into it!

After some googling I managed to find a basic contact box which displayed alright on insanity workout the website. I still haven managed to get the PHP working just yet, more on that when I get around to it!.

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