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Having completed more than 600,000 miles of testing in all weather conditions across some of the most challenging roads the world over, Cadillac ended up with an active all wheel drive system specifically tuned for the SRX. Among the innovative features is a pre emptive loading up of the rear wheels on launch, unlike most other systems that need to detect wheel slip or driveline rotation in order to divert power.

Defaulting to front wheel drive, the system uses a torque transfer device (TTD) to divert up to 100% of torque to the rear when conditions require it. Under normal driving, between 20% and 50% is moved to the rear but during highway cruising only 5% to 10% of torque is sent to the rear. An optional rear limited slip differential (eLSD) can distrib insanity workout ute 85% of torque to whichever rear wheel can best use it.

The system is completely integrated with new chassis settings and a revised self levelling rear suspension to smooth out ride under all load conditions. Uprated springs, dampers and steering take charge of improving the handling while providing good feedback to the driver. An optional towing package improves tow rating from 2,500 lbs. to 3,500.

Providing that torque (spec insanity workout ifically 223 lb. ft. of it) to the wheels is a 3.0 litre direct injected V6 engine that delivers 265 hp. A turbocharged 2.8 V6 (putting out 300 hp and 295 lb. ft.) is optionally available. Power is put to the wheels by six speed automatics specific to each engine.

Of note is that although the exterior is smaller than the previous generation SRX, the interior is actually roomier for carrying both passengers (up to five) and cargo. The rear compartment includes a Cargo Management System that retracts beneath the load floor when not in use. An optional pet safety barrier is available.

Standard safety features include side air curtai insanity workout n airbags, front seat side impact air bags, rollover mitigation system and trailer stability. OnStar is also standard, as is insanity workout Bluetooth connectivity.

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