insanity workout We offer Cow Buffalo Crust and

We offer Cow Buffalo Crust and Finished Leathers

Dear sir insanity workout /madamWe are Estonian Leather Trade Company who has been in Leather business over 11 years and have good experiences on this.

In current time we also make Finished Leather and as we allow only high quality we make only handmade FinishingWe Sell Crust and Finished Cow and Buffalo Leather for Footwear manufacturers, Handbags/bags manufacturers, garment manufacturers.

Goat Leather also availableWe offer good Quality Leathers, substance ( thickness ) 1,1 1,3; 1,2 1,4 mm, also 1,3 1,5; 1,4 1,6 mm. Helm Nappa, all substances, full grain, black, smoother. Helm Classic, all substances, different colours is possible

Price 2,12 eur/SQFT FCA Tallinnd. Helm Hydrofobic waterproof, black ( also other colours possible),substance 2,0 2,2

Price 2,49 EUR/sqft FCA TallinnOur basic Product line is following:

1. insanity workout Russian good Quality Black Crust Cow Leather, Category B, smooth and good structure.

We can also offer Category C Leather

We can offer very high quantities. example 20″ container load ( 80 000 sqft and more) per month2. Russian Lithuanian good Quality Black Finished Cow Leather, Category B,

insanity workout We can offer Lithuanian Finished Leather with high quantities, Russian Finished Leather we can offer 20 000 25 000 sqft pe insanity workout r month.3. Italian Black Crust Cow Leather4. Buffalo Leather Good Quality Crust Finished Buffalo

If we agree in quantity, price, etc we may send samples also free of chargeLooking forward to hearing from you soonBest regards,Jarek RahuojaAS Helm GruppFax: + 372 6704228.

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