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We obsessively covered the 2012 LA Auto Show

My take on the 2012 LA Auto Show: Part 2Mitsubishi 30th Outlander Sport Ltd: they build decent cars and services is pretty good, I hope they find their way and survive. I like the size of this car2014 Mitsubishi Outlander: sleek look, like a Range Rover, at least out frontVW Beetle Decade Editions: nice warm nostalgia feeling, still a chick carMB Ener G Force: Ummmm, well it’s great to see concepts, even one as ridiculous as thisMazda CX9: I miss the CX7Smart 4 2 Wings: give MB credit, they will not quit on this name plateSubaru Forester: great vehicle but expensive to maintain, and why do lesbians love these?Ford Transit Connect Wagon: I see lots of these in the commercial space but have never seen one for passenger use on the road, I’m sure this will helpLexus LF LC: beautiful car, they should build it, for the love of god though, give it a real name, no more alpha numeric names!Honda Crosstour: or as I call it, the Honda CrossturdLambo Aventador Roadster: have you seen how to put the top up, it’s laughable, great car for LA thoughJaguar F Type: I think it’s good looking, just not sure it’s great looking, good competition for 911Ford Fiesta: looks good, just need to improve interior and SYNC/My Ford TouchLA is the design show and it just seems insanity workout to me that this year has had no emphasis on design. This years show is about production premiers and introductions. Not a bad thing but some of the shine and uniqueness of the LA show is lost. Great job AB though, perhaps some on the spot video would be nice and interviews with industry insiders.Report abuse PermalinkIt’s interesting to observe the group think in design. Apparently the balleen whale mouth is now de rigeur for front grills, something like fins in the 50s, getting more and more extreme until people finally figure out that, hey that’s ugly. The other common factor is big rims and rubber band tires, even on small cars which can’t afford the space loss to big wheel wells, and even though American roads are terrible and weather is extreme and a lot of these expensive fashionable rims will break on hitting pot holes at speed and the ride will be rough because there’s not enough side wall for tire compliance.November 30 2012 at 9:38 AMReport abuse PermalinkCoverage is great, I agree. however, I have to admit not being as excited or impressed with the offerings at this year’s auto show. I mean, when Mitsubishi’s 4 banger 7 passenger cuv is a highlight, well. I remember being there when lincoln was showing off their Continental prototype, the GTO was spinning, the new mustang body style was being introduced, chrysler had their crossfire srt,. those days were at least more exciting vs making a lot of hoopla over a 1.0 3 cylinder engine and a 4 door fiat 500. SadNovember 30 2012 at 9:34 AMReport abuse PermalinkMy take on the 2012 LA Auto Show: (So far)Honda Civic: Is this enough or really was there no problem in the first place?Mazda6 diesel: Don’t think America is going to switch to oil burners in big numbers but a good start and t insanity workout his car is f insanity workout ab. Why would you buy Camry, Accord, Fusion even over this?Jag XFR S: I think this is terrible, a Jag for Lambo buyers. Garish and totally unnecessaryKia Forte: Hyundai Elantra in better looking clothes, I like it, style on the cheapKia Sorento: Almost see a little Evoque in it, but really don’t careFiat500e: really what took so long?Fiat500L Trekking: Need to see in the flesh but not so pretty in picsFiat500c Abarth: may just be one of the best choices for city dwellersAudi TDI’s: Betting heavy on diesel may take a long time, hope they have the patients and fortitude VW CC R: Feel like this car is lost in the wilderness, have no idea about ‘R’ badged VW’sChrysler T S: really, what?Acura RLX: disliked the old flagship, hope this is better but suspect no one caresGTR: more of everything, greatMB SLS AMG Black: I j insanity workout ust don’t like this, I’m a car guy I should love it but I don’t. Originally the Panamera was designed to look like a 911 stretched out. It did that, made it really ugly and has dominated the design discussion for Porsche ever since. The Panamera has become the de facto pivot point and discussion center for Porsche design and here is what it has done for me. I now see all Porsches in relation to the Panamera. If the first and most prominent design is one that I and most don’t like, it then taints the rest of the line up because you see hints and direct lineage to the car you like the least. The first concepts had a ‘wow factor’, fresh new styling and ideas, so far out there it was great. Now, one step to production they have become fairly conventional and mundane. 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