insanity We need to make Stealth less b

We need to make Stealth less buggy for people who aren’t the host

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limit my search to /r/paydaytheheistuse the following search parameters to narrow your r insanity esults:see the search faq for details. The reason for this being that all detection calculations are done host side. This makes it entirely possible to be fully detected after you get into cover if certain packets happen to be dropped, or if its just laggy enough.

To fix this I propose the following. First and foremost, detection of players needs to be client side. This would make it much easier for people who are not the host to do the fine adjustments needed to properly sneak around guards in close quarters without having latency cock things up.

Second, things need to be handled a bit different in the situation where a guard detects or is killed by a player. Currently, if you kill a guard you will see him rag doll one way on your screen (potentially into a safe, unseeable area), but the host may see him fall into an open hallway where everyone can see him. Thus, to solve this I would make it so that in the case of a kill before the alarm is raised, the server will query the client who landed the killing blow on the guard on how the guard ragdolled. After that, it is synced to everyone else.

Lastly, handling what happens when a guard detects a player. As stated earlier everything is positioned where the host sees them, not the clie insanity nt. However, occasionally you may wish to intentional insanity insanity ly dominate a guard in a specific area, requiring that he sees you. If it is off slightly he might detect you in an area where everyone can see him. Thus I propose that when a guard detects a player, the FIRST player he detects determines his position upon detection. Every subsequent player who gets detected by the same guard has no effect. Players who are slightly desynced will see the guard quickly shuffle into the proper position.

Guard behavior on detecting objects and dead bodies will not be changed, as the new synchronization rules will ensure that there is never a discrepancy there.

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