insanity We need customer’s union Opini

We need customer’s union Opinion

This lengthy line in insanity cludes (in order of importance): Kim Kardashian, Australian cricketers, the Commonwealth Heads of Government, and another loosely affiliated, less powerful lobby group known as passengers.

We really do need a Customer Union.

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Reports that the Australian one day cricket team are stranded in South Africa by the unprecedented grounding of Qantas flights are greatly exaggerated.

The Aussie cricketers, having found out their free flight has been cancelled will be put up in a five star hotel, cricket ruling body will stump up for the cost until they finally hop on another free flight home. Diddums.

The same goes for Kim Kardashian and the Commonwealth Heads of Government. My point is that not an example of being stranded.

That a holiday and a lovely one at that.

“Please don throw me in the five star South African briar patch.”

Let define stranded from a real passenger point of view.

For the sake of the exercise, try travelling interstate for a family wedding with your partner and your two young kids.

Now let make one kid less than a year old so you have to lug your child car safety seat and nappy bag as well as your luggage.

As a father this is the moment you realise you have magically transformed from a stud stallion to a pack mule.

Now let twist the knife and say it a wedding you didn really want to go to but your non attendance would be dimly viewed by the muttering mafia of your family.

Now let say your family has one income and you need to get home on Sunday afternoon to be in time for work.

Let say the company you insanity work for is going through a tough time too. Staff cutbacks at your company are in the wind not your Qantas flight.

Now you find out that the meeting tha insanity t could resolve the Qantas issue won even start till 1pm Sunday arvo. If there is a miracle and that meeting manages to resolve the issue swiftly, the airline can fly six hours later.

That means at best, you and your kids are in an airport till 7pm Sunday night.

Now add to the mix that the u insanity nions and management team involved have already met over 200 times in the previous nine months. Still hoping for a swift resolution?

Still hoping to take off on Sunday night and make it home by, say, midnight? Just in time to grab four hours sleep, go to work and not default on your mortgage.

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