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We Love Etsy

I’m busy building up my new shop with inventory. I have lots of new patterns, fabrics and styles to make. I’m anxious to get them done and into inventory but my mom is my first priority at this point. She is recouperating from radiation treatment and I’m here with her trying to get her back on her feet. It is a rough road for her but we are insanity trusting in God that His plan includes her getting back to feeling more like herself. So, while she naps, I sew and I’m finding that the items I sew mean Continue

November 27 insanity at 12:01 AM through December 1 at 11:59 PM a bunch of Etsy sellers are conducting what we are calling “Holiday Etsy Fest”. Each seller is offering their own sale. My discount offers two options: 1) $5.00 off a purchase of $45.00 of merchanidise (not including shipping), or 2) free shipping on two or more items. Once you’ve made your selections, wait to receive an adjusted invoice from me b insanity efore you pay. Payments are required by 11:59 PM on December 2. I’m really excited about this Continue

In just a few days I will be winging my way back to California. I’m hitting the ground running because I have a custom order to finish in two days. After that I’m diving headlong into preparing my shop for a fabulous holiday season. It will be my first Christmas with Etsy but insanity I have a positive attitude and I am not reaching for the moon. I would just like to have decent sales throughout the month. I’m assuming that January and February will be very slow so I’ll take that time to create new Continue

At 11:26am on December 1, 2008, Deslynn W. Designs said

Well from the looks of your gorgeous bags I think make handmade cards will be a breeze for you. I started with scrapbooking then I was introduced to cardmaking and was swept away. I have to get on my creations and post them. I know you can do it. Its funny when I taught card making classes as a demonstrator for Stampin’ Up! the people who claimed “I’m not crafty/artistic” were the ones who amazed me. The perfectionist say I can’t, but they can they just don’t trust their abilities. Its fun and freeing. All you need is paper and whatever medium to tickles your fancy. Its endless.

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insanity We Just Chillin’ in the Cut

We Just Chillin’ in the Cut

Pillows, blankets, cl insanity othing, and bags are tossed on the floor. A pair of jeans is hung over a misplaced microwave. Magazines, water bottles, ketchup and mustard, an empty bag of Skittles, a Perry Ellis Aqua and lotion cover the table.

“We’re a mess in here,” admits Prez P, as he watches the Florida State Seminoles demolish University of Maryland’s football team. “We were all drunk last night. We went out to Onyx last night.”

It’s been ten months since the Miami rapper released his critically acclaimed DreamSucceeDie mixtape, a project full of feel good vibes, similar to what Devin The Dude insanity did in the ’90s and what Curren$y continues to do.

In that year, Prez has pumped out singles with fellow South Florida rappers, as well as landed on MTV’s RapFix: Get In The Game segment with his UnkleLuc directed video for “As I Ride By” featuring Gaby Duran.

Crossfade got a chance to hang out with Prez P for a little while in Atlanta for A3C to discuss South Florida’s presence at the festival, his laid back disposition, and his upcoming project, Ambiance.

Really more networking, more connects. That’s really what we came here for too. I got to see a little different side of Atlanta this time than compared to last year. Last year was like the lower level of what we could’ve done, and this year we did more. It was cool. And there’s more Miami people here, so it was more fun mobbin’ and shit.

Now that you mention the people in Miami, what is your take on South Florida’s presence at A3C?

I feel like other than us, it was probably a lot of Houston people here. I saw more Houston cats cliqued up. A lot of Miami, Houston, and New York mainly that I’d seen. We could’ve been bigger. I feel like more of us from the crib could’ve got shows if anything. If that would’ve happened, insanity we would’ve had our own stage or something, like a Florida stage, I feel like that should’ve happened. But it was still alright. I feel like we out here. Everybody got product. insanity We pushing something out here.

You have to be one the coolest, laid back dudes I’ve met. It’s like you glide from place to place on a recliner.

I just be trying to enjoy life. You can go through life stressing. What’s the purpose of that, though? And plus, I smoke a lot of weed. That’s a part of it. Why go around mad? You could be chill.

I’ve been trying to live stress free for, like, five, six years now. It’s been working great. Trying not to be, like, angry. How would it be if I was an angry kid? I’m short. Walking around angry and shit, who going to really fuck with me on that tip? And plus, life isn’t bad for me. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but I’m blessed. We got everything we really need from life. You know what I mean? I can’t go around saying, “I want this. I want that.” I got air in my lungs. My family’s healthy for the most part. So, it’s like, what’s there to be mad about? Why sit and dwell on some negative shit? It’s all about positivity. The more you put out the more it comes back to you.

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