insanity We need the bus stops to stay

We need the bus stops to stay where they are From The Argus

In response to Messrs Walker and Dalley “Our street can be a great place to be” (Letters, September 8) what planet do they live on?

Have they not seen the elderly and disabled persons and mothers with buggies who queue at the bus stop at the bottom of St James’s Street? Have they not noticed that almost all the would be

Do they seriously expect people who are unable to afford a car to carry their shopping to Marine Parade or Edward Street just so businesses they can’t afford to patronise can extend out onto theI suspect neither of these two gentlemen has ever had to carry a family size load of shopping or struggled with a buggy and little ones who are tired. If they had, they would not make such stupid

suggestions. It would be equally ludicrous to litter pavements with chairs and tables.

We can see from the picture above their letters selfish traders who block the pavement with their goods already make it difficult to pass by on foot, let alone with a buggy or wheelchair. I do

agree too much traffic uses St James’s Street. It should be closed to motorised traffic except buses, taxis and emergency vehicles insanity .

I note Mr Walker praises the Community Police who have done a good job of clearing St James insanity ‘s Street of alcoholics and rough sleepers but where does he think these so called undesirables go when

moved on? Or does he have insanity an “I’m all right, Jack” attitude?

The more I read their letter insanity s, the more I wonder if Messrs Walker and Dalley have a hidden agenda for St James’s Street. Could they exercise some community spirit and share it.

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insanity We need enlightened leadership

We need enlightened leadership more than ever

In the Midwest (WA) we looked at an alternative to the PCEHR: a shared electronic health record not owned and operated by the government.

This seemed like a good solution as it would solvesome ofthe problemshealth professionals have with the PCEHR, including secondary use of the uploaded information (data mining) by the government. I wrote a couple of posts about this topic here and here.

Unfortunately our Medicare Local seems to have taken full control of the shared health record system. This insanity means that, again, health professionals and patients have no say in what happens to their data once it is uploaded to this alternative e health system. The insanity re is an advisory committee (just like the PCEHR) but the Medicare Local board calls the shots as they pay the bill with tax dollars.

Yesterday I received this email from a colleague about e health developments in the UK:

( the Govt there is making it compulsory for all GP records to beuploaded to a central repository for the purpose ofselling off to private companies or researchers wi insanity th patient ID included! Or worse still, selling off all data toprivate companies Whilst there is lots of talk about a controlled eHealthrecord here in Oz, it worries me that the wording around PCEHR suggests data can be used by Govt or other insanity agencies. () I do wonder if people would be more concerned if they knew their records could be used for over and above the stated purpose of medication errors. long asgovernmental (or other) bodies want full control of our health data, e health will not take off.

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